As Clinical Psychologist and psychotherapeutic Heilpraktiker

I mainly serve:
Additional insurance is affordable and can be purchased for relatively low costs. Please be vigilant which services are reimbursed through this additional insurance, if insurance benefit starts from the time you sign up or if there is a waiting time for the insurance benefit to begin (in many cases 6 months). You should also check, if the services are covered in full. In some cases it is to your benefit to agree to pay a deductible in order to keep your out costs as low as possible.

  • Privately insured patients
  • Patients that have National or Private insurance but additional insurance
  • Private pay patients

The costs that are not reimbursed through insurance are payable by the patient.

National Health insurance 

(Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung-GKV)

Treatment fees accrued through the Heilpraktiker(Psychotherapy) are usually not reimbursed by the national health insurance plans. In some cases though, it is possible to take a tax deduction for these services. Please inform yourself through your accountant and IRS office.

For nationally insured patients it is advisable to take out affordable additional insurance (Heilpraktiker-Zusatzversicherung), which reimburses my services at least partially, otherwise reimbursement is only possible under special circumstances and in few instances. 

Special circumstances could be considered, when the need for immediate treatment and psychotherapy is urgent but the waiting time for a treatment provider who takes nationally insured patients is to long. The waiting time for treatment providers who take nationally insured patients could be as long as one year). Patients with national health insurance should consult with their insurance provider. When arguing such extraordinary circumstances and problems with such long waiting times it isnecessary to be assertive and relentless when speaking to your insurance representative. 


Private Insurances (Private Krankenversicherung-PKV)

Private insurances and Replacement Insurances at times reimburse Psychotherapy through the Heilpraktiker. Prerequisite though is that the patient has signed a contract that includes the services by a Heilpraktiker for Psychotherapy.


The insurances that cover the fees incurred through treatment by the Heilpraktiker for Psychotherapy are among others:


  • Allianz
  • AOK
  • Continentale Krankenversicherung- GKV Debeka
  • R+V Versicherungen
  • Signal Iduna Vesicherung


Please ask your insurance, if the costs for the psychotherapeutic Heilpraktiker are covered. I have the license to provide clinical treatment in the realm of Psychotherapy ("Erlaubnis zur Ausübung der Heilkunde auf dem Gebiet der Psychotherapie").

If psychotherapeutic treatment is covered by national, private or additional insurance by agreement, then only by proving a psychiatric disability or illness. Examples for psychiatric disabilities or illnesses are Clinical Depression and Anxiety. In such cases the insurance for psychotherapeutic treatment methods such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT),  Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis (Verhaltenstherapie, tiefenpsychologisch fundierte Psychotherapie und analytische Psychotherapie).  In my private practice, I offer CBT (Verhaltenstherapie) and Psychodynamic Psychotherapie (Tiefenpsychologisch fundierte Psychotherapie).  

Please get the necessary confirmation about fee reimbursement from your insurance in writing as soon as possible but definitely before the begin of therapy. Be sure to request in writing the reimbursement confirmation, the maximum number of insured therapy sessions per year and which therapy methods your insurance covers.


Even, if you are overwhelmed and feel that you need to begin the treatment as soon as possible, wait until you have received confirmation from your insurance before you begin with treatment. I will be happy to assist you by communicating with your insurance, should you have trouble with your fee reimbursement. 

The fees for couples therapy and services that generally do not fall into the clinical treatment realm are not covered by health insurance.  


At times it could be considered to refrain from a reimbursement request through your insurance, even if you are privately insured.


Why would you agree to pay for Psychotherapy privately?


  • If you do not want to request a referral from your family physician.
  • If you do not want to wait such a long time for a therapy space and want to begin with your treatment in a timely manner.
  • If you want to maintain absolute privacy and avoid having a computerized record with your insurance provider concerning your referral visit and your diagnosis.
  • If you do not want to have a disadvantage when applying to other insurances.
  • If you want to have personal control over the duration of your psychotherapeutic treatment and number of therapy sessions.   


Fees for my services for private pay clients:



Individual Therapy (50) Minutes
108,00 €
Individual / Couples Therapy (80 Minutes)
150,00 €
Coaching (50) Minutes / (80) Minutes
108,00 €/ 150,00 €
Counseling per Telephone (30) Minutes  
40,00 € 


The services of the Heilpraktiker (Psychotherapy) have to be payed privately. However, some Private or additive insurances offer reimbursement for the services.The National Health insurance will reimburse the therapy services by the Heilpraktiker (Psychotherapy) in some cases. This will be the case, if the need for therapy is necessary and can not be received through a service provider who usually would take patients with National Health insurance. The BDP (professional society for German Psychologists) notes on it's website: You can request that the costs for theHeilpraktiker (Psychotherapy), must be reimbursed by all health insurances, if a space for therapy is not secured within a reasonable time (3 months) frame and in the area where you live . 

In this case you have to make a request and application that the health insurance to be covered when seeing this service provider. Nevertheless, you have to wait for the confirmation by your insurance provider before you begin with the actual therapy. If reimbursement is granted in your case, you will receive the bill for services provided from your therapist, the service provider and you must then send the bill to your insurance for reimbursement. The health insurance will then reimburse you in full or partially, depending on the difference between the fee reimbursement schedule and the actual fee charged. 

Please pay attention to the following:

When sending in your request to the insurance to be reimbursed by a service provider outside the usual reimbursement contact, you have to prove that the waiting time for a psychotherapist contractually covered by the insurance would be unreasonably long or the distance to such a service provider would be unreasonably far away. Please take notes making telephone calls to different contract service providers (date, time, result) and submit these notes together with your application for reimbursement.