Curriculum Vitae


After having grown up in Germany, I received my secondary education, including my Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Psychology and Bachelor in Business Administration in the United States. I lived in the western United States: California, the Southeast: Tennessee and the Northeast (New England): Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. 


I worked as Psychologist / Psychotherapist at various inpatient and outpatient psychiatric treatment facilities and treated adults and teens with a wide range of psychiatric and behavioral disabilities. Since 2011, I am the director of psychological, therapeutic and medical services at a large rehabilitation-treatment organization in Ludwigsburg, Germany. 

 Work Experience:


Clinical Director: Psychological, Therapeutic and Medical Services, Ludwigsburg, Germany                


Psychologist / Clinical Psychotherapist, Psychiatric Institute & Treatment Center: Lighthouse School, Inc.,
N-Chelmsford MA, USA    


Emergency Services Clinician (Inpatient psychiatric Triage), Nashua Acute Psychiatric Residential Treatment Program, Community Council of Nashua NH, USA    


Public Relations Specialist, Helen Ross McNabb Mental Health Center Inc., Knoxville TN, USA    


Vice-President and Founder, TeleVideo Global Inc., Knoxville TN, USA    


Graduate Research Assistent: Projektive Personality Tests: Rorschach, TAT, Van Lennep, Department of Psychology, University of Tennessee, USA  


Graduate Teaching Assistant and Instructor, Department of Psychology Courses tought: Introductory Psychology, Abnormal Psychology (Psychopathology), Motivation and Emotion), University of  Tennessee, USA    




Abitur, Aufbaugymnasium Nagold , Landkreis Calw 


Bachelor of Science, Business  Administration, Marketing 
The University of Tennessee, USA (1989)
The University of Maine, USA (1986-1988)    


Ph.D., Psychology, University of Tennessee, USA Dissertation:
Computerized Content Analysis: A Comparison of the Verbal Productions of High Hypnotizable, Low Hypnotizable and Simulating Subjects


Professional Societies:

Berufsverband Deutscher Psychologinnen & Psychologen(BDP)

Verband Psychologischer Psychotherapeutinnen und Psychotherapeuten im BDP e.V.



Bilingual: German and English (incl. Business English)

Good knowledge: French


Special Honers:

National Dean’s List University of Maine: 1989

Cum Laude, University of Tennessee, USA:1988/1989

Academic Achievement Award, University of Maine, USA:1988

Dean’s List, University of Maine, USA: 1987, 1989 



Elter-Nodvin, Sabette, Gregory Lynch, andMichael R. Nash, Ph.D., 1993

Invited Speaker: Primary Process in the Verbal Productions of Hypnotic, Non- Hypnotic and Simulating Subjects

Symposium: Primary Process Thinking, Psychological Regression and Hypnosis

Presented at the 101st Annual Convention of the American Psychological

Association Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 1993


Additional Qualifications

Therapy in English or German

Hypnosis, APEX Technology